Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Violent Threat/Risk Assessment Training

The better the data the better the assessment the better the intervention.

If you don't' know what got them into the gang how do you expect to get them out.
- You can't use the same strategies for everyone.

Multi-discipline team can connect more data than one person.

If threat is Clear, direct and plausible - Plausible is most important.

Under reaction is the biggest problem.

Assume whoever comes forward was elected by a larger population.  Once build rapport ask "Who else knows about this?"

If someone communicates signs and we do nothing then you increase their risk.

Serious violence is not a straight line. Many offenders go through an evolutionary process, and its contextual no one just snaps.  People can go in and out of risk before committing act.

It's one thing to make a threat it's another to be able to act on it. Kill you vs. Stick this knife in our throat

Artificial lowering of risk. Not addressing the issue.

High profile cases doesn't cause violence it intensifies feelings/symptoms of violence already present.

The more they can identify will the aggressor/victim the more it will increase symptom development.

Locker dynamic - Find evidence in student's locker, backpack, desks, assignments, vehicles friends lockers - weapons, lists etc.

Bedroom Dynamic - evidence of planning - Many parents had not been in kids bedroom for over a year. Domain of the police - search warrant, or interview parents, F&CS

Social Networking Dynamic - can be the most blatant source of evidence.

History of Target Selection
Site Selection
All of these determine Baseline. Shift in baseline determines evolution in violence.

1- cry for help
2 - conspiracy theory of 2 or more - puppet master

Day 2
naturally open leaders look for opportunities to openly share information for the systems they are responsible for.

Closed leaders look for reasons not to share information for the benefit of themselves.

VTRA stage 1 trumps Suspension

the question is not..the mental health diagnosis is the reason for the violence but. How much is the mental health diagnosis affecting the behaviour?