Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Waterloo Region Integrated Drug Strategy

A community response to problematic substance use.

Actions for change through 4 pillars

1. Prevention
- a wide representation of stakeholders. resources include a website, mobile apps, literature and best practices for youth, parents, teachers. Naloxone kits (reverse effects of opioid overdose - only works for approx. 30min.)

Trying to determine how many overdoses occur in the community. Currently, no means to track this information.
4 key elements
Monitoring - anonymous reporting via www.omars.ca
Alerts - subscribe and receive Alerts issued by WRIDS regarding tainted substances
Responses - information on how and where to access naloxone

Education and Training - training on harm reduction and naloxone administrations

2. Harm Reduction
Co-leading with OMARS
Harm reduction programs (Naloxone distribution and overdose prevention via Sanguen)
Sharp disposal sites
Overdose prevention working group

3. Rehabilitation and recovery
- Rapid Access Addiction Medicine (RAAM) quick access to an addiction physical and counsellor. Establishes a care pathway between the emergency room, addiction medicine clinic, withdrawal management services and family doctors. Being piloted....still a "ways away" from implementing.

4. Justice and Enforcement
- Care pathways for those encountering police. (Transition plans after treatment/diversion ex.housing options)

91 individuals through 50 agencies involved.

Outcomes established in the following areas:
- System
- Service
- Individual

Signs and symptoms of opioid use.
- tired, pin point eyes, blue eyes ears fingers etc.
Naloxone is only effective with opioids

Info from SRO - B. Mikols

Gate keepers (like the DD) sits with the naloxone kit while others sample drugs.

In the next month every police officer in Waterloo region will be carrying Naloxone on patrol.

Fentanyl can be in powder, pill, liquid form.
Can be absorbed by inhaling, touch, ingest
Police will use gloves when searching. not search in unseen areas.

Carfentanyl - for large animals (horses).

School trends - Marijuana (still illegal)