Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Growth Mindset

In this blog entry i'm going to reflect on a PD session staff received on Growth Mindset.
Admin introduced the concept of growth mindset at our PD day with a video from Carol Dweck (the growth mindset guru).

The ultimate message is that people (students), can improve their learning, skills etc. with power of believing they can improve.  Changing their mindset to one that allows for exploration and even failure at the benefit of learning from your mistakes.  It was evident that failure is a huge part of learning, and must be reflected on in order to grow as a person/learner. I feel that this isn't a new message for teachers. Many of us are in the occupation because we love to work with kids and see them learn and grow as we empower them.  I think the biggest challenge for teachers today is having students embrace the growth mindset. Many turn their brains off if they don't feel something is relevant or even beneficial to them. As an educator we must engage these students in whatever subject area we are teaching to allow them to grow and learn to the best of their ability. I am very interested in the growth mindset not only for my students but also for myself professionally.  I feel our PD session only scratched the surface of the growth mindset and I look forward to learning more about it in particular how teachers can motivate/engage students to embrace the growth mindset. I've included a great image of the growth mindset that was created by Sylvia Duckworth. 

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