Tuesday, April 12, 2016

e_Assessment FOR learning techniques

Andrew Schmitt
Assessment for Learning is the key way for teachers to advance the learning for students.  Technology can be used to transform the learning experiences for our students.  What happens when you bring the two together?  Explore some ways that technology can be used to transform the way that teachers are assessing their students with the ultimate goal of moving the learner forward and improving student achievement.  

How well do you know your students.Exam paper - lotto instant kiwi commercial video

When teachers try to change more than 2-3 things at the same time it often deteriorates the teaching.
Where the learning is going, where the learning is right now, how to get there.
Use SAMR as a self reflective tool to see how you are using technology. also tie it into assessment.
key Strategy - 
1.Clarifying, sharing, and understanding learning goals and success criteria.
- Use a google form and students must create test questions.
- turn success criteria into a google form that students fill out - use it for teacher purpose to see if students know how to be successful.
FormMule - have form emailed to user.

2. eliciting evidence of learners' achievement.

Plickers app.
Poll everywhere
3. provide feedback to move the thinker forward.
video - feedback on learning. ego involving vs. task involving.
Successful feedback - what students need to do to improve and how to go about doing it.
Good feedback causes thinking.

Ask Three questions in students work an write corresponding questions at the bottom.
Bookmark  text in google doc. allows you to link to text.
Conditional formatting in a spreadsheet.  use colour to identify things that stand out. - allows to see trends.
Descriptive feedback is only beneficial if you give them time to improve.
Activating students as instructional resources.

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