Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Jaime Casap - Keynote

Jaime Casap - Keynote - Chief Education Evangelist for Google

Importance of Education - Education disrupts poverty, it changes lives.
Reach higher - think of goals beyond high school - Initiative by gov't of USA.
The impact and power of education lasts for generations.
Education isn't broken - the world around us has changed and we don't live in that world.
Need to have discussions around what is the right education system/model for the economy we are facing.
Need deeper skills - 60+% of jobs require post secondary education.
Computer science is an important topic for future degrees because of the role of technology in our lives.
Knowledge is at everyone's fingertips from the internet, how do we flip education to embrace this?
Why is it important
1 - Unable to implement good learning based on current educational system. Need to use technology to provide good learning
2 - Technology has wrapped itself around everyone's lives and we don't even see technology because it is common place.
3. How students see learning is different than how "We" teachers see learning.

What are the critical skills kids need to have?

Problem Solving - What problem do you want to solve? (what do you want to be?) How do they know what they want to be? what will exist? 60% of jobs that kindergarten kids will have don't exist right now. 41% of students want to do their own thing.

The better question is what problem do you want to solve - and then follow up quesiton is what do you need (skills) to solve that problem.
Who do you want to work for ......what do you want to do? How are you going to solve that problem, what do you need to solve that problem.

Iteration consists of success and failure.
Google update 600+ a year.
Chromebooks updated every 2 weeks.
Need to constantly change

Collaboration is how problems are solved.
but edcuation is not set up for this.
There is a comfort in collaboration - knowing that your work is part of a greater sum.
Teach the ability to listen.
Real collaboration....
-To ask good questions,
-To change your mind.
-Build consensus

We need to build digital leaders
- if they don't learn in school where are we going to learn it.
-ensure they are using technology correctly.

Job is not to memorize things, the real drive is to focus on how to take information and convert it into intelligence
Information has no value it's a commodity.
Who are the first 4 presidents of the USA or What would the country look like if John Adams was the first president.

Student Centered learning models...
Get to the point where technology is invisible and it just happens so that learning can occur.
Experiment with collaborative learning models.

Competency based education

Nothing is more important that having a great teacher.

There is no future classroom....we need consistent iterations and innovation
It's not what the classroom it's what happens in the classroom.
Transformation has no end point.

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