Monday, April 11, 2016

Tools for Having Necessary Conversations

Tools for Having Necessary Conversations
Lorrie Temple and Jonathan Wright

Butterfly Metaphor try to help the struggling butterfly but the struggle had a purpose.

As a leader you ask quesitons to prompt an individual’s thinking Help others do their own thinking (I don’t need to fix people).
How do you help someone grow if you take on their problem need to have the conversation that gives them tools to solve their own problems.
  •  Verbal and nonverbal cues witnessed
  •  Reciprocal process to lessen “power differences”
  •  ‘In’ rapport (body language, volume tone) vs ‘having’ rapport
  •  Mutual respect.
  •  Start to buld a level of trust.
    Listening Set Asides
  •  jumping to solutions (fixer)
  •  prejudices/assumptions
  •  Unimportant details
  •  Your own agenda
  •  The need to lead
  •  Power of the pause (start sentance with So......)
  •  LISTEN, Restate MEANING in your words (what you are saying....), CONFIRM
  •  Paraphrase when the person starts changing themes.
  •  Capture the big idea/emotion.
  •  Heart of the conversations are the questions you ask
  •  See handout for examples. 

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